Why the USPS is awesome

In spite of its troubles, I happen to think that the United States Postal Service is terrific.

You may not even be aware of all its handy and user-friendly services, like online shipping and free carrier pickup. That's right: you can ship priority or express mail packages without ever leaving your house. Plus, you can save a bit of money by paying for priority and express mail shipments online.

Delivery is almost always fast and accurate. I recently ordered a print from an eBay merchant in Pahoa, Hawaii, and the envelope -- sent First Class, not even Priority Mail -- arrived here in Durham, North Carolina in two days!

They have all of these awesome stamps and if none of them floats your boat, for a little extra money you can get nifty custom designs or even design your own. Benefits of modern technology.

(Image above lifted from http://www.fedbenefits.net/fegli.html.)

In the past week, I sent postcards to my friends H. in AZ and D. in NJ; a much-belated graduation card to brother-in-law J.; a note to a woman I serve with at church about the music for next Sunday; and postcards to sister R. in NY and brother-in-law B. in CA congratulating them on two months of marriage. Finally, I contributed some fruit snacks, roasted almonds and Oreos to a package that my parents assembled for brother E. in Ghana; I also supplied a greeting card that everyone signed to put in the box. My parents, sister R2 and brother I. are visiting us this weekend. Since I contributed to the package and it was mailed from my local post office, I am counting it in my tally.

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  1. D in nj sends a big shout back at ya! Honestly, I wanted to suggest that I would be a willing recipient of your postal support efforts when I first read about them, but I thought that was too precocious of me. Then surprise! I got your card. Made my day! Thanks T.