Daily mail 8-14 July 2010

I'm not sure exactly how often I'll write in this blog. It will be at least once a week, maybe twice a week. I am also still considering the "rules" for my project: will I mail something for every day of the week, or only every day of mail pickup (so no mail for Sunday)? Do I have to stick something in the box every morning, or do the numbers just have to average out to one a day? For example, it doesn't seem quite right if, hypothetically speaking, I decide to send out 60 Christmas cards, get them all done in one massive weekend effort, and then don't mail anything else for the next two months. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, but if you have any suggestions on the parameters of my project, feel free to offer them.

In the last week, I didn't stick something in the box quite every day. Almost. But it actually averaged out to 1.5 pieces of mail per day. On Thursday, I sent a letter to my Grandma C. in St. George, UT; on Friday, I send a (very belated) graduation-cum-birthday card to my brother I.; on Monday, I sent a letter to my Grandma M. in Mesa, AZ and a birthday card to my brother E. in Ghana (with an international stamp, not by pouch); on Tuesday, I send a birthday card to my sister-in-law A. and four postcards to family members; and today, I sent a postcard to my friend H. in AZ. So ten items in seven days.

I've been using Thanksgiving Day Parade 44-cent stamps (right). Out of season, but I think they're cool because they have a marching band on them. As for those four postcards I mentioned, I sent one to my parents and brother in UT and one to each of my sisters (NS, NY, CA). They were in honor of our own family holiday, Minnissippi Founders' Day, which is today. Celebrations involve Cajun and/or Scandinavian food, chocolate, and a lot of M&Ms, but my postcards had organic potato varieties on the front. I use what I've got. I have quite a large stash of assorted greeting cards, but I'm out of regular stationery and getting low on postcards.

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  1. Minnissippi Founder's Day, eh? That sounds like a fun story.